Sprout100 clicking noise/won't power on

My Sprout100 purchased early this year would not power on and there’s a continuous clicking noise . Similar thing happened once before where the unit did not power on for quite a while but there was no clicking noise.

I’ve tried removing the speaker cables, still no go.

Welcome! Sorry your Sprout is acting up. Can you tell if the power button is sticking? Also, try leaving it unplugged for a few hours and plugging it back in.

Power button is not sticking. Did leave it unplugged for close to 8hrs since I posted, same thing.
I did notice thru the side vents, a green led flashing to the clicking noise.

Interesting, the light might be indicating that it’s turning on for a brief moment and then turning off. Sorry about this inconvenience. Shoot our tech support guys an email and they’ll get back to you with some info tomorrow when they get in. service@psaudio.com

Ok, but it’s only the green light on the inside that flashes, the outside LED does not. There is no visual feedback on the outside.

Have sent a note to the Service ID.

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May i know what is the cause of the problem? I faced the same issue.

Hard to say what causes something like this. Same as Aman, reach out to our service team and we’ll get you up and running again. service@psaudio.com