Sprout to replace NAD D3020?

Hello - intrigued by the Sprout, especially the supposed high-quality bluetooth capacity. Looking to expand into a new room in my house and was considering duplicating my current small room setup: NAD D3020, B&W 685S2 and Sonos connect. Not a particular fan of SONOS so the idea of replacing it and the NAD with the Sprout and use bluetooth.

Thoughts on quality between the two? Most of my music will be streamed over Tidal.


We have a NAD and while a very nice device I prefer the sound of Sprout to it. Sprout sounds more alive and more like music to my ears than the NAD.


The NAD D3020 is probably the most compared integrated amp to the Sprout. The reason for this is more for the feature set similarity than sound similarity.

To my ears Sprout is just a better companion to my secondary listening room. I can work at my desk and listen to music all day long on Sprout. If someone comes in to chat I just turn the music down. With the NAD (which is packed away to go to a vacation home), I was more likely to turn it off. Sprout is better balanced and crisper IMO.

Is it possible to connect a subwoofer on the sprout like in the nad d 3020?

Yes, it has an analog output that can feed a subwoofer.