Using Sprout Analog out to Sonos Connect

Hi all,

This is my first time posting. I’ve been searching for a situation similar to mine and haven’t been able to find it. I just purchased the sprout last week and I’m really excited about it. I’m not an audiophile, but I like to have quality sound with quality components that will last a long time. I purchased the sprout to pair with my upgraded Rega P1 turntable and to be able to connect to my sonos system. This was my previous setup:

P1 -> Pro-ject phono box -> Sonos Connect

If I wanted to listen to records with my headphones I would just switch the connectors from the sonos connect to a cheap headphone amp, which worked fine. I do not currently have bookshelf speakers, so an amp was unnecessary.

I like simple setups and the all-in-one nature of the sprout appealed to me. I do eventually plan on getting some bookshelf speakers to go with it, but I’m taking baby steps. I wanted to be able to connect to sonos, use headphones, and eventually play through bookshelf speakers using the same amp/receiver. Sprout fit the bill. So my setup now is:

P1 -> PS Sprout -> Sonos Connect

My previous setup was sounded a fair amount better through Sonos than my current setup through the sprout. The sound is flat and tinny. It’s not horrible (as far as analog to digital goes), but it’s not as good as when connecting the preamp directly to the sonos connect. (Side-note: listening through headphones is a dream with the sprout.)

I’m wondering if there are others that are using this similar setup and if they have a solution. I wondered if the analog Y cable could be the problem (ie, I need to get a better quality 3.5mm to RCA Adapter)? Or if there is just a problem using Sprout in the way that I am using it with sonos. I know most people use the analog out for subwoofers, but my understanding is that it would work for other purposes.

Apologies for the long message and thanks in advance for any help provided!

I’m not a Sonos user but why not use the digital out from the Sonos to the Sprout rather than the analog out from the Sprout to the Sonos (which I assume then converts that analog signal to digital)? Is it because the Sonos is feeding other Sonos units in the house?

Cables do matter and even on Sprout, which is an excellent little integrated, cables can make a difference. Especially speaker cables.

Thanks all- And thanks Paul for being so active on the forum! I ordered a quality cable and report back on the results.

Thanks for your reply- it’s much appreciated. The reason I need to go sprout first is because I need the phono preamp to deliver the line out to the sonos. Also, yes, the sonos is is also feeding to other units in the house. I recognize that this setup is not ideal for sound quality, but I’m trying to take baby steps that will allow me to continue to build out my system over time, but also keep the minimalist approach that I prefer. Thanks in advance for any other suggestions. I’m particularly wondering if quality cables would make a difference.

I look forward to hearing your report. Since you’re happy with the sound qualify out of the Sprout’s headphone jack, which is basically the same signal as you get out of the analog jack, the cable (or, if you’re using one, a stereo mini jack to RCA adaptor) does seem the logical place to look for improvement.

Quick update- replaced the old 3.5 to rca cable i was using with another cheap (but well regarded on amazon) cable alternative and everything changed. What was flat/tinny/boring is now full and lively to my untrained ears. I’ll still plan to save up for some good bookshelf speakers to pair with the sprout, but, for now, I’m more than happy with the system. Thanks Steve and Paul- looking forward to learning more from the forum in the future.

Excellent. Thanks for the update!

Great news.