Trio C-100 Compared to Sprout 100?

I have a Trio C-100 which I’ve enjoyed for several years now but I’m intrigued by the Sprout 100. The main reason is the integrated DAC & the great price. I don’t have a DAC.

I’m mainly concerned about the sonic differences between the Trio & the Sprout. My speakers are Kef R300’s with an R400 powered sub. I’m also considering the Stellar Gain Cell/S300 combo but there’s a difficult spousal acceptance issue there.

Kevin Looker

Welcome, klooker!

I have the Sprout100 with KEF R300 with no sub and they go together like butter on toast. I’ve run analog, optical and Bluetooth connections into it and the optical is expected to make use of the awesome dac, but the one that shocked me was the Bluetooth sound, I’ve not heard a Bluetooth connection sound like that ever, full and rich, the fact that it is being processed by the dac it’s like no other I’ve heard. I’ve not found a desire to pump more power out of the Sprout100. I did not feel like the M700 and the KEF has synergy as the Sprout100 has. I would definitely keep it between the S300 and the Sprout. The value the sprout offers is unmatched. No competition out there on that level. Although SVS is bringing one soon. I wouldn’t trade that Trio for anything though.

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