Sprout User Manual

Hey PS Audio. While those of us count down the days until our Sprouts arrive (I’m in one of the last groups!) Might you consider posting the PDF Manual on your site in the “manuals” support section? I figure with all the units thus far shipped Scott actually finished the manual…

There is a short manual that comes with Sprout. Good suggestion.

Yup. It’s now posted in the Manuals download section of the website. Support->Manuals

Wow! That was fast! Thanks Paul. Given all the industry today at PS Audio (Sprouts shipping etc…) I’m assuming you all will be relaxing on Thanksgiving? I think the community will agree with me that you, Scott and the team are entitled to a long restful weekend…

Yes, we’re treating today as month’s end. We all get a 4-day holiday starting tomorrow.

Good cheer!