Sprout Vs. Pro-Ject Debut II

Looking at a new small format amp for my office, I listen to a lot of vinyl so I want to make sure there will be no conflict using the pro-ject Debut II with the Sprout?

Many Thanks in advance.


This should work just fine and make a nice office system.


Be careful!

Both the Sprout’s internal MM phono stage and the Pro-Ject Debut phono stage will apply RIAA equalization to the source signal to “lift” the lower frequencies, so - if you do want to retain the Debut as your preferred phono stage - be sure NOT to connect the output of the Debut to the Sprout’s “vinyl” input (which will see both phono stages applying equalization one on top of the other and bloating the lower frequencies) - rather connect the output of the Debut to the other (non-equalized) analogue input to avoid “double equalization”.

What I’d recommend is that you connect your turntable directly to the Vinyl input of the Sprout and give it an extended audition and if it works for you then re-deploy the Debut elsewhere and stick with the Sprout’s inbuilt phono stage.