Sprout100 Phono Preamp? Solid? Amazing?

How is the phono preamp in the Sprout100? Is it solid? Is it amazing? Is it better than my external Pro-ject Phono Box DS?

Likely to buy the Sprout, but I just want to know - should I plug my Pro-ject Phono Box in, or should I just use the Sprout internal phono preamp?


It works. (MM only, remember.)

External phono stages run the gamut of marginally serviceable (so folks can jump on the vinyl hipsterwagon even if they have a phono-stage-less AV receiver or powered speakers) to sublime (insert favorite expensive phono stage here).

The sprout’s is fine, and it does what it needs to do to allow you to play records through its amp.

Only you can decide if you like it better than your external one.