I was among the first supporters of this product and paid $399. This forum is stating that the first hundred have already shipped. I have not received my unit or any notification. Whats gives??? Mark Andrews

I don’t know where you are Mark. The first 100 units were to be signed and tested personally by Scott. Those are pretty much done. There are many others at the $399 price that did not have the personal treatment. They too should go out soon but haven’t yet shipped. Perhaps yours is amongst those.

I was in the first 100 pledgers and have not received a tracking number or my Sprout. Any shipping info available would be much appreciated. Thank You!

I am Number 77 and I am also waiting on my Sprout.

Per Scott,

The remainder of the first 100 signed units will be shipped in the next two days (an email from PS Audio will confirm shipment).

I can not wait to give the Sprout a try out in my System (I guess I will have to wait until early next week).


What I read so far on this forum was that the first 100 are pretty much ready and will ship this week. Mark, where did you read that they have already shipped?

FYI: I’m in the group of the first 100 and have not received any shipping info yet.

Paul: how can there be many others at the $399 price outside the first 100?

I missed the FedEx delivery today, otherwise I would have it, backer #40 in NC.

Sprout has landed; details later. SWMBO says box is in great shape.smiley-music005_gifsmiley-music005_gifsmiley-music005_gifsmiley-music005_gifsmiley-music005_gif

John. I challenge you to be the first to contribute to this forum’s thread that Elk created called “First Impressions” (once you have them naturally) :)

+1 !

andrewnewman said John. I challenge you to be the first to contribute to this forum's thread that Elk created called "First Impressions" (once you have them naturally) :)