In Transit!!!

My Sprout in the capable hands (I hope) of Fedex!!smiley-music005_gifbeer_gifhappy-132_gifparty_gifmusic-078_gif

Congrats! Did you participate in the crowd funding? Just curious as I was one of the first dozen or so and my last group e-mail update from Scott McGowan c/o the site administrating the effort indicated that available units were deep in the throes of some retrofitting and QA/QC review. No firm shipping date was in the offing.

In any event, I am really looking forward to user reviews as these trickle in.

Be well.

Mine is in the hands of Fedex as well! Thanks Scott and PS Audio Crew!!

scotte1 said
Did you participate in the crowd funding?

Yes, I was one of the first couple dozen or so. The only notice of shipping that I got was from Fedex with a tracking number and expected delivery next Wednesday the 12th. I will plan the day accordingly!

I would love to hear some first impressions/reviews :)

Mine is also in the mail for delivery next week. I was backer #2 on Kickstarter. I know someone who was backer #80 and they have not received a shipping notification yet. Sadly I’m out of town all next week and part way into the week after so wont get a chance to test it out for awhile…

I believe Scott was able to get 50 or so Sprouts auditioned before sending. Remember, the first 100 are all personally tested by him. I think we got a total of 500 Sprouts. After the first 100 it’ll go quicker as we’ll have a team on testing them.


I am eager to hear the reports of the first recipients.

This is great! As it looks that I’ll be a “second waver” (I’m part of what was originally the October Kickstarter Sprouts) I will need to live vicariously through those who take early delivery.

I am not a Sprout backer but am interested, should I be able to scrape up enough money to join in the fun. This news is exciting and I am interested in hearing (that is… reading :-)) impressions and reviews of this nifty little unit.


Mine is on a truck for delivery!

It’s here! Packaged very well! Can’t wait to have a listen.

The volume and input selector do feel really good. I know Scott said he spent a lot of time on this.

Backer ID 32, just received shipment notification from FedEx! Woo Hoo!

Backer ID #11. Just got my package. This thing is VERY well built… I am now just waiting for my new bookshelf speakers to get here. Arrrrrgghhh… Can I run my powered Focal XS speakers off of the Analog line level out in the meantime???



Yes; analog line level out to active speakers is perfectly fine and exactly the type of signal the speakers expect to see.

What speakers do you have on the way?

Ordered up a set of Focal 706V’s. See how those sound with the Sprout. Space is at a premium at the moment, but a new soundroom will be coming with a house build… :-)

I had my Sprout connected to some power monitors from emotiva and it sounded great. Was originally running straight from mac mini to the monitors and the Sprout’s dac has definitely improved the sound.