Sprout100 + 2.5mV Phono output turntable?

Hello. I’m wondering whether the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-GM turntable would be a proper match for the Sprout100 since the Phono output level of this turntable is 2.5mv and the Sprout100 specs state it was designed to handle from 3mV to 10mV.

Thank you.

that turntable has a built-in phono stage, right?

So, you could test it both into the sprout’s phono section (bypassing the TT’s onboard preamp), or into the analog section (using its preamp).

For that cartridge, Sprout’s phono stage might require a little higher level on the volume control, but my guess is that it would be fine.

(But PS Audio gives you a trial period, so it might be worth trying out.)

Worst case, is that it gives you turntable upgrade-itis. :slight_smile:

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