Sprout100 and KLH Kendall Speakers

Just purchased a Sprout100 and really like everything about it. Tried it with a pair of KLH Kendall floor standing tower speakers and the sound is really magical. Nothing else has produced the quality of sound from these speakers like the Sprout100 has. My question/concern is it ok to use the Sprout100 with such a large pair of speakers? I think I could be quite happy for some time to come with this pairing, just want to be sure no harm comes to the Sprout in doing so. Details on the KLH Kendalls below -

  • 3-Way bass reflex system with 2 x 6.5” Woven Kevlar® bass drivers, 1 x 5.25” Woven Kevlar mid/bass driver, and a high performance 1” Anodized Aluminum tweeter with a linear response faceplate.
  • Sensitivity: 96dB
  • Frequency response: 25Hz-23kHz +/- 3dB
  • Power handling: 250 watts
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Crossover points: 800Hz and 2.5kHz.


Welcome @DavidF !

Absolutely no harm will come to the Sprout.

The only potential damage is to the speakers and trying to drive them too loud while driving the Sprout into distortion. The speakers are sufficiently efficient however that I doubt this will be an issue as few of us would want to play the system that loud.

The Sprout is a great product.

Thanks for your response Elk, that’s good to hear. Yes, forgot to mention that I’m not looking for live music type levels. Low to moderate is what I prefer.

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It sounds like you are all set!