Anyone Power the New Sprout100 with KEF LS50?



Anyone using the new Sprout to drive KEF LS50s? I’ have the original Sprout but am dying to buy the KEFs. From what I’ve read the original Sprout doesn’t have enough power for the KEFs, wondering if anyone had experience pairing these wonderful speakers with the new Sprout. Thanks!


I can only share that the Sprout100 and KEF R300 have perfect synergy absolutely no subwoofer needed on my case. No issue driving those or the even less efficient Q100s, bass is a bit trickier here but really close to a wall, found no need for a sub either. I have taken the Sprout100 to its volume limit with both speakers and there was no strain or distortion in either one, so for normal listening is more than adequate power. I believe the LS50 is more efficient, that would only translate into easier to drive.


I believe Terri McGowan uses the KEF LS50s with her Sprout100. There’s an old thread somewhere on speakers used with the original Sprout and that was one of the speakers some folks recommended.


I was wondering about the Elac. Seems like a more economical pairing.


She does indeed and loves it.


Definitely more economical but nowhere near as good sounding as the KEFs.


Fair point.