Anyone has both the Sprout100 and the SGCD+S300

I have a SGCD + different power amp (MIvera classD w Icepower modules) and might want to get a Sprout for an amp for my desk where space is an issue. Wondering how the two sound (comparision). While working I might just use a Hifiman 400i or with my speakers at low volume via my laptop USB.

2 Sprout 100s and M700. I enjoy both and their differences. Sprout sounds “sweet”. M700 is serious business. Sprouts are more than adequate for any room except very large rooms.

nice … What speakers did you drive, with the Sprout?

On the bedroom I have it with KEF Q-100s and on another room with KEF R300.

Thx. Can it drive the R300 with ease? I have a LS50 that tends to love power. I thought the R300 was similar. The LS50 behaves quite differently when its fed 150-200W of power!

They are easier to drive, and the Sprout100 has that built-in bass touch that does very good with them. I think the R300s are more sensitive than the LS50, which is why the sprout does well. No strain or wishes for more body.