Amp current? Please explain

Good evening all,

I been thinking about purchasing a pair of elac uni-if reference UBR62’s to pair with my Sprout 100. At 85db sensitivity 6ohms, I’m afraid that the Sprout 100 won’t be powerful enough for these speakers. I had a buddy tell me that I should be okay due to the sprout being a high current amp? Honestly I don’t know what this means and I would like your guys’ opinion on wether he’s right about this.

Thank you!!

I expect the Sprout to do just fine and it would be capable of playing these speakers loud enough I would leave the room.

There are many places which sell these speakers which allow you to return them if you are unhappy.

Like Elk said if you want to try them make sure you can return them as my experience with Andrew Jones designed book shelf speakers indicates that his published sensitivity specs are wishful thinking. I suspect your fears will be realized at more than background levels.

Are you thinking the Sprout’s 50W would be inadequate to drive these speakers?


I think it would be borderline for anything but background levels but as there are likely many online dealers with return policies can’t hurt to try if you don’t mind re-boxing and shipping. They are available at both Crutchfield and Music Direct.


I think it would be fine, but recognizing small speakers like these will never have slam regardless of an amplifier’s power driving them.

Even Amazon carries them. :slight_smile:

Then easy to try and find out. I personally would be more inclined to look at the Wharfedale EVO 4.2 or even the GoldenEar BRX in that general price range. John Atkinson keeps a pair of BRX’s on hand to compare against other book shelf models. And as they are owned now by Audioquest kind of in the family so to speak.

I’m team Elk because I really want to like them hahah. Plus my space isn’t very large so I’m hoping that I will be achieving the volume to really open these up with less power.

Yea I’m just going to buy them for auditioning purposes and we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for the response

Great alternate options.

Alonso please let us know what you conclude after you try them out. Nothing beats actual experience.