Sprout100 Pleasant Surprise

I had been comparing, listening and debating for months between comparable Emotiva and Yamaha integrated amps, unable to make up my mind. Just a few minutes ago while sipping my coffee, I was in the Emotiva site, opening the an account, product literally in the cart, and then out of nowhere I go on the FB PS Audio page I see the posting for the Sprout 100 being out and ready for shipping…I almost spilled my coffee all over when I saw it. As of right now, order has been placed. I almost dropped into the hasty void that for some unknown reason had saved me from taking the next step until this afternoon. PS Audio or bust! All the way.


You’re going to be thrilled with Sprout100!

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I’m so glad I didn’t impulse buy the Emotiva. It almost had me. I’ll be toying with a few people by hiding the Sprout behind the Stellars M700s and ask them what they think about my setup, to then reveal the sprout once they spill their beans. Fun times ahead. It’s Christmas all over again.

I think I am going to buy a Sprout just to have on hand in case my main rig ever needs to be sent in for repair or an upgrade. For $600 you can’t beat it. I really don’y need the phono stage. Wish it could be omitted to save a dollar or two. Plus I’d like to have the extra input.

I too was surprised by the missing coaxial spdif and going toslink. I still appreciate the power up more than the coax. Eventually I’ll walk into vinyl again, and this unit seems made for it.

The Features tab says Optional bass boost, but I don’t see a switch for this on the Sprout or the remote. How is the bass boost turned off?

Also, I don’t see the manual yet on the Manuals page.

It has a dedicated subwoofer output. Maybe it’s referring to that as the bass boost

No. The subwoofer output hasn’t any bass boost. The bass boost is internal and applies to Sprout100’s power amplifier. Because Sprout100 is likely to be played over bookshelf or smaller 2-way loudspeakers it has a slight bump in the bass region around 100Hz that gives small speakers some “oomph”. That is defeatable.

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Paul I think that was the original question. How is it defeatable?

If I remember correctly you hold the volume control in for a few seconds. I’ll get the manual posted shortly.