Sprout100 upgrade?

Hi folks!
I’m currently running a Rega P6 TT >Marantz PM6005 integrated > Beovox S45-2 speakers.

I’m wondering if the Sprout100 would be a worthwhile upgrade? It is a little more powerful, and the form factor is nice! But is it enough to justify switching from the Marantz? Perhaps I should keep clutching my dollars for a Stellar?

Fairly small apartment, 15’*15’. So I can’t get too loud, mainly hoping to improve imaging/soundstage. The phono stage is my main concern, though I will use digital ins for my TV, and my girlfriend will love the Bluetooth.

Thanks everybody! Cheers!

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Welcome, I bet that Marantz is a fine sounding unit. Only way to know is to get a Sprout and find out for 30 days.

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I think it would be a worth while upgrade. One of the things Paul and the development team spend the most time trying to get right in our electronics is their ability to produce a deep and believable sound stage. If the speakers are setup well, the Sprout100 doesn’t disappoint in this department.

Also, one of the biggest improvements we made in the Spout100 over the original was the phono pre. The 100 was actually a little late on its predicted release because Darren M. would find little improvements he wanted to make to the phono section.

As far as power goes, you’ll have no problem filling that space with good quality sound. Plenty of overhead to drive the old Beovox with authority.

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Thanks for the speedy replies! Can I tack on an another question? Is the trade-in program only for more expensive units, or could my older Pro-Ject Debut turntable be applied towards the Sprout? (And potentially the Marantz)

Any further thoughts on how the Sprout phono stage would compare to Marantz?

Hard to say for sure. I don’t want to say the phono stage in the Marantz was an after thought, but within the Sprout100 it was extremely high on the priority list because Scott McGowan, the brains of the project, has been a vinyl collector and junkie for ages.