Stack of S300's as home theater amps vs. emotiva?

If someone is looking for an exceptional sounding 5.1 home theater that doesn’t require very loud playback levels, instead of common wisdom which would say get an emotiva XPA -5 or outlaw audio multi channel amp, what about instead a stack of s300’s? That might leave one channel unused or perhaps better to use the m700 for the center channel.

I Know For Paul’s personal home theater he used emotiva, so that is quite an endorsement but probably the S300/m700 didn’t exist at that time.

The remote trigger would turn them all on, and the separate smaller chassis as opposed to one large could have a benefit.

It’s a great idea and we’ve sold many S300s and M700s for this very application. Do you already have an amp for the front left/right? If so, what is it?

The S300 would be for the main LR and center channels.

Yes, that would be an awesome set up. You could even use both of the channels on the S300 and biamp the center if you didn’t want to go with a single 700.

I would highly recommend to get a S300 for the rear as well since its critical to have equal voltage gain in every channel throughout the system.