Newbie stacking question, how much is too much?

Hi, I saw a similar question on P5’s but don’t feel it was too applicable to my question…

A recent DS Sr. acquisition for my main listening room forced my hand to add a DS Jr. to my “Music room 2” (aka office). I found a newish one at TMR and just got it set up, so amazing and exciting…

Question is, does this picture look like too much weight on the stack. Components are separated by ISOAucostics Orea’s (Large and Med indigos).

equipment from top-down is as follows:

Sonos Port – maybe 1lb
DS Jr. – 18lbs
P3 – 31lbs. (does not get very warm at all, system played at moderate sound)
SGCD – 13.5lbs
S300 – 13lbs

I did think about moving P3 to bottom of stack at some point, but then thought about heat rising… Also since DS Jr is not all steel thought P3 weight would be too much for top of DS. Does this look like an accident waiting to happen? Appreciate any thoughts (no room for a proper rack).

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Why not move the P3 to the floor under the desk and then run all the power cables down in a group. Wouldn’t want a regenerator in middle of the other gear. Then you can probably leave the rest in the order you have them though not ideal.

Thanks for the suggestion… I would if I could, but desk is not available.

Here is a better image of the location.

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I don’t think there should be any issues in terms of weight stacking the components together. The Stellar chassis are very sturdy so I wouldn’t have any concerns besides isolation which you have under control with the ISOAucositcs devices. Also good to keep the DSJ on top since it will likely output the most amount of heat.


Thanks Kevin. Those words are “music” to my ears. :grin:

(You are not kidding DSJ gets fairly warm, much more so than the P3.)

You’re very welcome, enjoy the setup it looks great.

@AlexD, here is a pick of my PS Audio stack. From the bottom to top, P20, first shelf 2 S300’s, second shelf 3 M700’s and top shelf 3 M1200’s. Stacking wasn’t my first choice but I had no other choice due to space. I am using them for a Dolby Atmos system in a dedicated room. The 300’s never get warm, the 700’s slightly warmer and the M1200’s are warm to the touch. I was a big Parasound guy for years and they generated a lot heat as I was using 3 Jc1’s for my l/c/r front channels. I always had to keep the a/c so low because the Parasound’s were like heaters in my room. Hope this makes you feel more comfortable about stacking you components :+1:


Do you have Oreas under sock feet or directly on chassis?

That is fricken gorgeous @fishingdude !! That is a dream stack right there… Is the weight on the p20 or is there a shelf/support every amp or three?
nice touch with the casing.

Each component sits on the stock feet except the s300 on the bottom. Was trying to get as much separation/air-flow as I could.

S300 has the large Oreas on the chassis, maybe a bit more stable considering it supports the weight of the other components…

Perfection! What does your serious audio system look like??!!

i.e two channel…

I agree it looks perfect. Not sure you need a dedicated stereo on top of this.

With 2 S1200 connected to a BHK Pre or Stellar Gain Cell DAC, a simple switch to stereo could provide an equally awesome sound.

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I’m just hoping he has another setup. I wanna see it.

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Cool painting… LOL


Here is the other picture of [quote=“Rudolf_Appel, post:12, topic:18765, full:true”]
I agree it looks perfect. Not sure you need a dedicated stereo on top of this.

With 2 S1200 connected to a BHK Pre or Stellar Gain Cell DAC, a simple switch to stereo could provide an equally awesome sound.

Here is a picture of the second rack located next to the amp rack. It has from the bottom to top: P12 regenerator, Panasonic 9000 4k player, Oppo 205 sacd player, Clearaudio Concept turntable with Maestro V2 MM cartridge, McIntosh C53 preamp for 2 channel playback, McIntosh MX170 processor for Dolby Atmos playback, Bluesound Vault 2i for streaming Tidal and Qubuz, Apple TV.


You sure don’t like half finished jobs. Impressive. Thanks for showing, real nice.

What speakers do they drive (apologize if I missed that somewhere in the thread.

Now from behind please! :slight_smile:

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