Stella Strata Amplifier Beta Testing

I have been following along in the M1200 Beta testing thread with interest. I am curious to know when Beta testing will start for the new Stellar Strata Amplifier? Also, has there been any further notification as to when these units will ship to customers? Thank you. I am new to the PS Audio forums.


We are actually in the process of collecting orders for the Stellar Strata right now. If this is something you’re interested in participating in just give us a call, 1-800-PS AUDIO. We will be shipping out the Stellar Strata Beta units starting very soon. The Strata will be publicly available starting June 2020.

Thanks for the update. I am an international customer (UK) and have already pre-ordered a unit from a UK dealer.

Welcome and glad you’ve joined! Kevin is right, we are putting together our list of folks now and the first run of units should begin shipping in the next 2 weeks! I haven’t wanted to pull any steam away from the 1200 testers, but the Strata beta thread will be posted very soon.

No kidding! Awesome to hear you already have a pre-order for one! After the beta guys, you’ll be one of the very first to get one.

James, I have a quick question. I am an American living in England and will be transferring back to the US next year. My question is will I just need to swap out the power chord with a US spec chord and be good to go with my Stellar Strata?

Great question. No, these units are voltage specific, so you will need to get with us to convert the power supply to accept US 120V/60hz. When you make it back to the states, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help you out.