Strata Mk2 Beta

I see PS has a Mk2 Strata “in beta” but I can’t find any details on all that has changed. I’ll call this week when I get a moment, or reach out to me, as I’m interested to know if any of my, um, “could be better” list got better :slight_smile:


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I looked at the back panel photos for the old Strata and the new Mk2 and I see the following:

  • The third RCA analog input has been replaced with phono inputs for MM and MC.
  • They added a second I2S input and removed the Ethernet connector.
  • I2S Inputs now handle DSD256

I also see that the Closeout price for the original Stellar Strata is 50% off for $1749.

Is the amp still a class D design?

Questions here, as well…what’s changed exactly other than a few additional inputs and the Ethernet port omission? Updates to the amp or DAC? :slight_smile:

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