Stella Strata Control

Hey all,

I wanted to share my biggest frustration with the Strata and that is the remote control operation (physically it works great). I want this to be more constructive rather than a whinge. My comments are regarding how it interacts with the TV located above my unit. I can remember this problem has been noted a couple of times either here or somewhere else.

My use case for buying an integrated is because we have an apartment so everything is together in the living room, so no dedicated listening room. It seems that quite a lot of buttons on the remote control various functions on the TV (LG C1). As an example, the single most annoying is the Strata “on” button starts Amazon Prime therefore turning on the TV. Similarly, the channel up button on the remote turns on the Strata etc etc. The Strata “Off” button is not used by the TV. I realise this may be only with this TV/brand and PS cant be over all the IR commands from other manufacturers.

I’m not running a streamer so cannot wake the Strata, I also cannot wake the Strata remotely via an app. Either of these would have been a viable workaround, instead have to press the front button every time.

Is there another solution? Ideally I’d like to reprogram the remote/Strata? I’d also rather not buy extra stuff (no space).


Unfortunately LG is stepping on PS Audio’s codes. This has been an issue for others as well.

Can’t believe there’s no governing body to allocate code prefixes to organisations to use so appliances don’t conflict with each other.

It might be possible to reprogram the Strata either via an alternate FW but will be more of a challenge programming the remote. I would say apart from replacing the TV and/or getting rid of the Strata, you might need to purchase a universal remote with IR sensors/blasters where you would use to cover the IR sensor on the Strata with.