Stellar Amp reviewed, Absolute Sound, 1/27/23


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I’ve enjoyed an S300 for 3-4 years in my second system, partnered with my gain cell dac and driving Reference 3a Grand veena speakers. It’s been delightful, but recently died for no apparent reason. For $400 PSA replaced all of its innards, and gave me a 1 year warranty. (problems with the main circuit board I was told) I was treated well and will continue to recommend the S300.


Has anyone here experiences with the S 300 driving Magnepans 1.7i ? Thanks in advance

I suspect you wouldn’t have any problems with it. I had an Emotiva that was in the S300’s neighborhood in terms of power and current, and it drove my .7s just fine. I considered moving to the S300, but a generous trade offer from PSA convinced me to try the M700 monoblocks instead, and I’ve been exceptionally happy with them. I would expect the S300 would have the same kind of sound signature, but with less headroom. And Magnepan makes a point of saying it’s a myth that their larger speakers require more power than the smaller ones.

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