Stellar S300 vs Linn power amp

Hi all,
My system comprises of mainly Linn components at the moment, Linn Klimax Renew (old version of Klimax rehoused in plain black box with upgraded power supply) and Linn 2250 power amp. The speakers are non Linn My Audio Design 1920 - a small bookshelf speaker from a small UK manufacturer.
I have wondered for a while whether to change amplifiers to a non Linn brand and recently noticed the PS Audio S300. I don’t currently use a separate pre amp - just the built in digital volume control from the DS which creates a very revealing sound but can sound a bit harsh at times. I like the idea of the class A section of the S300 but would this create a warmer class A type sound to my digital streamer, would it act as a kind of pre amp stage to the signal prior to amplification?
I wonder if anyone has switched to PS Audio amplification for Linn streamers and what if any, the differences would be?

Many thanks