Stellar DAC/Pre Home Theater switching

I have posted my review of the Dac / Pre. I am bringing an elaboration of what i consider a major problem. This may also serve as a warning to any others that use the HT setting.

Switching from the Coax (music server) to the HT (analog 1) causes a horrendous thump. This shows up particularly with the HSU 15" sub i use via RCA outputs. I am sure that the woofers and amps in our ML Expression are not happy either.

The original input/volume setting of 76 has been changed, as has my whole HT system, to allow a lower setting to be used at 61. When switching from listening to music to the HT, the thump is so bad i think i may blow out a window. I am on a slab, and it resonates and scared the crap out of our dog, and my wife. She literally jumped out of her seat (Calif…thought it was the start of an earthquake). At 76 it was really awful, at 61 it still pounds our walls and is bad.

I am using the mute button prior to making the switch, but it is a bad design “feature”.

It does not make the same thump switching back to the coax.

Thank you


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