Do you use HT passthrough with SGCD?


Does it switch silently between inputs or got a loud pop/thump through speakers? My dealer replaced my SGCD and it has exactly the same problem I described here:


Do you have a pre-processor hooked up to the pass through? If so, do you turn it on first before switching to it?
It might be what you have hooked up to the pass through input. Try hooking up something else, that is on but not playing. Don’t hook up a tuner, use a CD player or DAC, but not with signal passing through it, just turned on.
If it doesn’t pop, then try what ever was plugged in to the pass through into a different input, if it pops, it is upstream of the SGCD.


Nothing is connected to input’s. Only SGCD -> SE cables at the moment -> M700’s. HT passthrough enabled on input 3. Dealer said that they can’t reproduce this problem and everything works like it should - very strange!

Made another video that shows nothing is plugged in except power cable and SE cables to M700’s:


Connected chromecast via optical to SGCD and Mytek Brooklyn via SE cables to SGCD’s HT passthrough and both inputs are playing then if I switch between the inputs almost no pop, barely audible. But when Mytek stops playing the pop (DC) is back and I measured 180mV. This is only in right channel - left is quiet like always.