Stellar GCD

Can you control the volume of the Stellar GCD with a remote control and if so, does PS Audio supply or make

remote controls for the GCD?

Barry James

the gain cell dac is a full dac and full function 2 channel analog preamp and includes a remote control and screen with input/volume level etc

I have also been wondering about that same point.

When one uses the remote does the knob turn as well?

Or is the knob for input selection only?

Or to sum it up, “what does the knob do?”

I would be very interested to know.

As a follow up question, how is the actual volume (gain-control) handled?

Is it like the DSD (senior) or does it use some other form of gain control?

I look forward to hearing the answers…


The knob does not move when the remote control is used. The numbers on the display change showing the progress up or down of the volume control - or the input names change.

The volume knob is called a rotary encoder and it instructs the unit’s internal microcontroller to change the volume.

The Stellar GCD is completely analog in its gain and volume control. It is based on a technology called a Gain Cell which is an analog device that has variable gain controlled by either the remote or the front panel knob. But the sound never passes through the knob.