Stellar GCPre & Remote Interference Experience

I bought a Nuwave Phono used a while back and became impressed with the sound. So I decided to check out PS Audios Pre and Amp offerings. I have been watching the daily videos and bought the book, getting into the entire experience and agreeing with the philosophy. Someday maybe I will gift myself a BHK, we’ll see. First things first I am here now.

Today I am listening to the Stellar GCPre into an S300 amp and trying really hard to keep the PS Audio gear because it sounds pretty good to me. Here are the problems I have discovered.
#1. Vizio TV remote: s/n XRT136 ; 00111203302; 08-10-2019 printed on the inside case. It doesn’t matter where I point the remote, pressing buttons on the Vizio remote causes the pre to react. Mute, volume, power off.
#2. The PS Audio remote has a similar effect on the Vizio TV, In1 causes Vizio to switch inputs.

#3. When I turn on the TV, there is a brief interruption in sound coming from the PS gear. So listening to a CD, I want to see something on the on screen display of the Oppo BRP, turn on TV. music is interrupted, not stopped, muted for a second. This happens randomly as well but I haven’t determined much else.

I want to keep the PS Audio gear. PS Audio isn’t offering any suggestions. Vizio also does not have any suggestions. That means it’s my problem so here is my plan.

This is science, what is causing the interference?
I covered the front of the GCPre and it still reacts to the remote.

If not IR what components in the GCPre are causing it to react to the remote frequency?
Can the components be shielded?
Can the components be removed from the circuit?

How can I test a device to verify there will be no interference?

I bought the TV from Best Buy. I don’t think Best Buy will let me take home a bunch of remotes. I don’t really want to take the GCPre to Best Buy. I am going to take my PS Audio remote to Best Buy and push buttons until I find a TV that doesn’t react. Then ask Best Buy if I can borrow the remote to test around the GCPre.

I’m leaving this here in case someone else comes along with a similar problem. I will update as I find a solution to my problem. Hoping the steps I take provide options for others because this is a problem that is not going away unless it is solved. My goal is to provide transparency to others who are in the process of testing PS Audio gear and would like to just listen.

If anyone has suggestions or experience with determining interference frequencies I am interested to hear thoughts.

Later the same day:
Back from Best Buy. I bought two TVs. A Sony and a Samsung. Button test, neither remote causes the Stellar to react.

Best Buy has sold you a device that is non compliant with agreed IR standards, most likely.
If so it ought to be on them to refund in full or replace with a different brand that IS compliant.
LG TVs are known to cause this problem too.

(I know you shielded the front of one of the units, but a very bright infra red can bounce off walls etc. etc.)

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Is your shield blocking infrared?

My solution when I had an LG TV was to use a Harmony remote with support for multiple IR diode sets and configure which IR diode set controlled what devices. Those devices needed blocking. Black electrical tape covering the IR diode placed directly in front of the IR receiver should do it.

My solution was to buy a different TV. I bought a Sony and there is no longer an IR problem.


When I had the SGCD Preamp, pushing a button on the PS Audio remote would affect my LG TV. Yes, it was very annoying and a known problem. I just lived with it. I loved that Preamp though. Traded it back to PS Audio and got the DSSr. and paid the difference. Problem Solved…LOL !

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