Stellar Phono Preamp Remote Control

I received the Stellar Phono Preamp last week, and so far enjoy it very. much, but I am having a challenge with the remote. It takes 15 to 20 pushes of any button on the remote to interact with the preamp - and sometimes it just doesn’t work. I have replaced the batteries in the remote twice, so I know these are good. How do I determine whether the problem is with the remote or with the preamp ir receiver? Since so many functions are controlled by the remote, this is a bigger challenge than it might otherwise be, if you could push buttons on the preamp instead.

It’s a known issue and I also had a bad remote. Call up PSA and they’ll shoot ya a new one that works everytime.

I hear 1 in 100 or so are malfuntioning. My new one is perfect.

Thank you for the advice, will do.

Sorry about the inconvenience. We’ll be able to send you a new remote no problem!

Yeah - just taken delivery of mine here in Australia and can’t even change the setting from MM to MC at this stage. Hoping my dealer here will sort me out quickly though.

I little update - I can get remote to control my LG TV, which make me think the issue is with the unit itself. Will admit, a little bit defleated at the moment as the lack of controls means I just have a fairly expensive brick right now ;-(

Just a follow up, my local distibutor in Australia has got a new unit on it’s way. They did mention it was the second one they had seen with this issue in the most recent batch so are going to run some tests before shipping out a new to make sure it’s all working as expected. Overall very happy with that result as these things can happen and it’s the customer service that makes the difference.

Thanks for keeping us posted. Big shout out to Michael there in Australia. Really nice guy to work with!

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Yes agree @jamesh - the team at Magenta have being brilliant helping to solve this one… Can’t wait to actually get one of these going in my system next week, and hopefully moving onto some more PS Audio gear later in the year :wink:

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There is a problem with PS Audio remotes interacting with LG TV’s. PSA says that LG does not follow the rules governing remote codes. In my case some pretty annoying things sometimes happen, like pressing a key on my LG TV remote (often by accident) and having my P20 turn off, forcing my entire system to be rebooted. The issues run both ways. I haven’t noticed the SPP remote causing such problems but that may just be dumb luck.

@jamesh same problem here. Just bought the stellar phono preamp but the remote control doesn’t work. It seems to command other gear (P12 and PST where they are dimmed start their displays on) but nothing… the phono preamp doesn’t receive any input (mute, unmute, on/off, loading sets, no changes at all).
Any suggestion? Thank you.

What’s up Luca!? Shoot, that sounds like a bad IR receiver if the P12 and PST are responding to its dim function. Makes me think it’s not just the remote. Reach out to MPI and those guys should be able to get you fixed up in no time.

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My SPP remote cycles the dim function of my P12 as well and every few weeks the SPP does not respond to the remote (which in the case of the SPP is a problem) I cycle the power (mains switch and unplug) and this “fixes” the issue, for me anyway… until the next time


Hi @jamesh MPI requested to receive the SPP with the original carton box along with the remote. Tomorrow it will be shipped back to them. After a check of the used gear they said that they will send to me a brand new product in return. Frustrating to wait again with no chance to use my new toy. I’ll be patient (also with BHK Preamp I had to wait for a fault board). I’m not lucky (2 times in 3 months) but I beg PS Audio guys to improve the check control process before sending out of the factory their wonderful products.
I hope to give you soon confirmation during next days when all will be fixed.
Thank you.

PS: I’ll be happy to buy from you (MPI can not sell it) a second remote control. For future use in case of fault or damage in order to avoid long waiting time if I need to replace it in future. Remember that without the remote I can not use at all the SPP. Can we arrange a shipment directly from Boulder? Thank you for your help.

Glad to hear they’re just going to send a new unit! Yes, feel free to send me an email and we can arrange to send you another remote.

Just sent you all by email. Really thank you again.

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Hi @jamesh,

today just arrived both the SPP from MPI to replace the previous one with IR faulty, and the remote control you sent me by FedEx.

Now it’s all right! All it’s working perfectly just out of the box.

Wonderful sound, finally I can taste! A long vinyl night here, I’m so excited.

Thank you @jamesh for your help and support, thank you @DarrenMyers for the SPP great sound, thank you PS Audio.

Great Luca! Glad MPI was able to get you one so fast! Enjoy!