Stellar Phono Preamp Remote Control

I received the Stellar Phono Preamp last week, and so far enjoy it very. much, but I am having a challenge with the remote. It takes 15 to 20 pushes of any button on the remote to interact with the preamp - and sometimes it just doesn’t work. I have replaced the batteries in the remote twice, so I know these are good. How do I determine whether the problem is with the remote or with the preamp ir receiver? Since so many functions are controlled by the remote, this is a bigger challenge than it might otherwise be, if you could push buttons on the preamp instead.

It’s a known issue and I also had a bad remote. Call up PSA and they’ll shoot ya a new one that works everytime.

I hear 1 in 100 or so are malfuntioning. My new one is perfect.

Thank you for the advice, will do.

Sorry about the inconvenience. We’ll be able to send you a new remote no problem!