Question about the MK1 Remote "Preamp" volume Changing TV Input

I am about to purchase a BHK Preamp but I have noticed something very annoying about the remote that came with the Directstream MK1 Dac. If I hit the “Preamp” volume my television switches inputs to the Google Home Screen. It does not bother me now because I use the DAC volume not the preamp. Here is the question. BTW the TV is a Hisense 6UG and I really like it.

If I buy a BHK Preamp and use the BHK remote is my TV going to change input every time I hit the volume button? That would be intolerable. I guess the question is Does the BHK Preamp remote use the same IR Code that the Directstream MK1 Dac uses for the preamp volume? IF it does is there any work around?

Unfortunately some manufactures “share” the same IR codes that PS Audio employs. There are a few threads discussing the issue; LG is the primary offender.

Give PS Audio a call and ask.

I ended up changing my LG TV to Sony due to this problem. There is nothing PS Audio can do. It’s LG that is violating the code, and they have pretty much bullied the small fish out of the pond. Sorry to say, but don’t buy LG product. They’ve been doing this for years.

If that were only true. PS Audio remotes create the same issues with other TV’s such as Samsung and yes even Sony. So who is the offender? Finally gave up my Stellar gear because of it. Running high-end Yamaha now with no issues.

PS Audio uses the codes assigned to it. The large manufacturers use whatever they feel like, thus the conflicts.

Sorry, not buying it. My experience with the PS Audio remotes was the first time since the early 90’s that I had one remote stepping on another. Those days are long gone. Why PS Audio 1) used common TV codes, and 2) totally blew me off when I raised the issue is a mystery.


Believe what is most comfortable for you. :slight_smile:

It is unfortunate you have had problems.

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It occurred to me that directstream mk1 dac came out before the bhk preamp. Can someone do a test for me? I submitted a support ticket but have not heard back.

If you own a directstream mk1 and a bhk preamp can you please use the directstream remote and use the preamp volume control and tell me if it changes the volume lvl on the bhk preamp?

If it does then I know i am going to have problems with my tv. If it does not i can proceed with my purchase.

Thanks for all your help