Stellar Gold DAC with D.BOB digital break out box DSD?

I am trying to confirm the SGD is playing DSD, I bought a D.BOB digital box to get DSD off of my blu ray sacd player Sony 800mk2. Playing a sacd only disc.

See attached first pic of the SGD when the player is set to DSD on it does not display any data, is it playing DSD? I do here music.

See second pic is dsd off displays 176.4/24

See third pic playing bluray audio disc diplays 192/24 which is correct.

Anyone else have a D,BOB?

Can DSD be played over Coax? I was under the impression that it could not.

I use the D.BOB with an Oppo BDP-103 bluray transport, connected via Coax to the DS MK-II DAC. Regardless of format (e.g., SACD, DSD files), all data seems to be converted to PCM.

Supposed to

I also use a D.BOB with a Sony 800mk2. But, I am using a JR as my DAC. And I get DSD into the JR and it is confirmed on its display.

I am not sure if the SGD will accept DSD thru coax. That might be the problem. Also, make sure the DSD output mode setting in the SONY is set to Auto. I am also using the HDMI2 jack connected to the D.BOB.

Oh really, the site says “outputs DSD64 via the DoP (DSD over PCM) protocol and hi res PCM up to 24/192 through tge spdif coax and toslink”

So does that mean it is PCM only? Is that equivalent?

@deanhorn I changed the players DSD output to auto and my monitor attached to Sony 800mk2 via HDMI 1 shows DSD 2 channel 2.8mhz/1 bit HDMI 2 to SGD and the green light is lit on the SGD ( and music is playing, but it does not display DSD, it shows -/- next to the green light?

Three things to try:

  1. Try turning off your monitor. The HDMI handshake with your monitor may be causing it to be using PCM. If the monitor does not accept DSD and I doubt it does, then the Sony could be outputting it to PCM. Or, as a test, disconnect the HDMI cable going to the monitor.
  2. The D.BOB instructions suggests turning on the D.BOB first before anything else. That is a procedure that I have been using.
  3. At times, I get PCM too and I turn off the JR via the back switch and then turn it back on after a minute. This is like a reboot of the JR and the software in the JR is reloaded.

Good luck.


The SGD accepts my DSF files over coax. It flashes 176.4/24 briefly then displays DOP64.

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