Stellar Gold Dac SPDIF I2S Input is not working

Any help out there, right out of the box, using my Pioneer Elite LX500 as a transport, either inputs are not working

I wouldn’t expect the HDMI connection to work–the I2S link PS Audio uses is a different protocol wired than the HDMI output from your Pioneer.

Are you using coaxial SPDIF? Is there a setting on the Pioneer that may not have that output active?


The Pioneer has a audio only output that worked with my DS JR Dac, the coax doesnt work either, i tried 2 different hdmi and coax cables. It all is mute now since the unit wont even poer up now, i only cycled the power 3 times and its dead now, i know it is getting power because i can see a green led lit inside the dac. Contacting PSA tomorrow.

The SPDIF should work no problem unless you’re playing an SACD. Did the DAC’s display ever show you the little green light indicating it saw a connection to that input?

No never, now it wont turn on, I can see a green led to the right of the optical input so I know power is on inside the unit

The unit isn’t in standby is it? I’ve yet to hear of the Gold pre or DAC be unresponsive unless it’s a blown fuse. I think there’s something else going on if it’s still powering on.

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No, the power is on hence the green led is lit up inside, no buttons on the front of
it respond to touching them, it is DOA, I sent an email to James waiting to hear back
from him, I will request a replacement unit.

I will say the Stellar Gold Preamp is very good, I do like it better than my BHK (yikes!),
blasphemy I know, which is good I have been wanting to get away from tubes, sold my
M1200’s and bought a Orchard GANFET amp, loving that also with the new preamp

You have been chatting with james!!!

Yes it turns out it is the Pioneer giving me the problem James suggested unplugging the HDMI and te SGD did turn on. When I hooked up a different cd player SPIF and optical are working now. I want the I2S to work from the Pioneer though, but it says digital off on the on screen menu and I cant figure out to turn it on. It might be because I am using a computer monitor with the Pioneer not TV and some menus might not come up, I dont have a tv to use in my hifi room

I’m having the a similar problem with the DAC. USB works great, but a red-light with coax and optical. I’ve done a factory reset, swapped cables, with no change I’ve tried CD transport through my pre amp’s built in DAC and it works there.