Stellar P3 benefits from isolation from vibration?

As in the topic, is isolation recommended for the P3? Something like the Isoacoustics Orea?

If you’ve got a revealing system you should hear improvements from attending to vibration tuning with the P3 in my experience. The addition of four Stillpoints SS feet under my P3 improved resolution and instrumental timbre. Stillpoints recommends starting with their feet under speakers (which I did) and then working forward from the beginning of the reproduction chain, which would be the system power supply. I use IsoAcoustics Oreas under my PSA M1200 amps but I’ve not tried them under the P3 as the Stillpoints I first tried worked so well. Surprisingly, I’ve not experienced much in the way of noticeable improvements from using vibration tuning feet under my BHK preamp. It sits on a 2" thick maple plinth and that seems be fine. It surprised me that the power regenerator would be more positively affected by Stillpoints than the preamp, but that was the case.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

After I got my P3, I noticed that I had three extra Cardas wood blocks lying around, so I stuck them underneath. It didn’t make a huge difference, but the sound seemed a bit “cleaner” than before. I currently have my P3 sitting on Vibrapod discs and cones. Again, not a huge improvement over the blocks, but a bit better.

My experience was similar with my P15. I put it on some cheap but still good rubber feet. Seemed to be helpful. Nothing ground breaking, but seems better to me.

I tried these under my P15 when I had it to assure proper ventilation, and can recommend them as a cheapo method of isolation. Picked up a case of them, so they cost about $.50 a piece.

HVAC Vibration Pads - Updated!

HVAC Vibration Pads - Blue


I use those too. Cannot beat them for the price and they work great.

They actually make ones where the center portion is blue, which match the color of PS Audio logo light.


Yup, I have them too, under all my equipment.



I’ve seen the blue ones, but never tried them. I believe they have a rubber filler, where as the ones I posted use a cork-rubber hybrid. They are best suited for components with some mass, such as the Power Plants. I have the full range of Vibrapods which can work well with low mass items. I have used BDR cones type 3 and 4 with medium mass items, they work very nicely with tube preampfification. I mention the Vibrapods as an economical Vibration isolation device that works best with low mass components.


Still points, VooDoo Isopods, Gaia, etc take it to a whole new level.

Inserted Gaia II under my new speakers, install by manufacturer, and they were most impressed. To the point they now offer them as an option.

I prefer yours, as they add more flavor to the listening experience.

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