Spikes for P10


Could you suggest me spikes for P10 o other anti-vibration material to put under P10, please?
My P10 is on wodden rack.


Very many people on this forum, I believe, use Stillpoints and not spikes beneath P10s. I use Ultra SS with Bases to spread the load. My P10 also sits on a wooden rack. Hope this helps.

I use VooDoo Cable “Iso-Pods” under the P10 with positive results.

Thanks John777 and thanks Lonson.
Could you give me links of these products, please?


With my P300 I run a pressed wood board with inexpensive brass cones, then a second board with isol pads under it, P300 sits on it’s own feet.

If it was me, I’d use isol pads, or very large rubber stoppers from a hardware store. If you go over to Audio Asylum’s Tweaks Forum, and search on isol pads, someone found a source where they are really cheap. To see isol pads check out Mapleshade.

My personal preference is rubber under amps and power supplies. I use BDR Pyramid cones under preamp and DAC. There are better options, but much more expensive.

Isolation is often a personal preference that requires experimenting. The one thing some like are Myrtle blocks from Cardas or Ayre, I did not like them under anything.

Stefano, here are two links for the VooDoo Cable products:




Do you use 3 or 4 Iso Pods?


What legs do you have in PS P10?

I tested TAOC and Stillpoins CC and I don’t like it. Reduced depth and air.

Now I’m thinking about VooDoo Iso-Pods or synergistic MIG.
What is your final choice?


Sorry, didn’t see this question before. I use four IsoPods.