Stellar P3 regenerator first impressions *UPDATED *

I posted a few brief comments on mine in post #12 of this thread:

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So I ran music via my TT2 for the 2nd night in the row, and I have to say, the treble has now started to open up and the detail and resolution has started to come back to where it was before! So now I’m getting closer to the sound I have before. I’m looking forward to my system with the SP3 to surpass what I have before the SP3 in the coming week(s)!

Good news!

Please let us know what you think after a week or two.

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So on Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me”, around 1:30 at the 2nd verse, there are some really deep plucked bass strings that test bass extensions, texture, and control, and although I’ve always had the last two, this is the first time I’ve heard it drop so far deep! And this is on my Audeze LCD-3F headphones, too!

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A joyful surprise to see FedEx on New Year’s Eve 2020, i wasted little time installing the new Stellar P3 into my system, freeing up current from my trusty PSA Dectet. Going the route of some other users, I connected only my M700’s into HC via a pair of PSA AC12’s, the PASS HPA-1 Headphone amp, and my BEL 1001amp which drives a pair of overhead Linn ceiling speakers.
The JRiver>AQJitterbug>HarmonicLightspeedUSB>DSD>BHK-Pre front end chain still connected via AnalysisPlus PowerOval2 Mk2 to the Dectet which has been sounding very good all this year mainly rendering AcousticSounds, NativeDSD, and HDTracks files. I run the BHK-Pre RCA outs to the Linn’s in the ceiling via an old home theater Theta to control volume and the Balanced outs to the M700s. The Linn’s overhead sound signature combines with the warm B&W800’s for a beautiful[y matched holography that is quite immersive, revealing and addictive. The addition of one PSAudio component at a time, including Ted’s yearly OS updates for the DSD dac, has become it’s own journey towards higher resolution. The P3’s New Year’s debut immediately made clean power an obvious and welcome addition to dinner for two with an Australian beauty of a MollyDooker Carnival of Love shiraz accompaniment. The back story takes second seat in this case to the beauty of musical realism rendered immediately by the hefty little P3. Thanks to Jake and Mark for facilitating the shipping and timely arrival. Improved resolution is all my ears ask for and the P3 delivers on cleaning up power to all amps, especially revealing previously unheard details and most importantly to my ears, the strike and decay of piano key rendition was noticeably improved, no, it was completely corrected, just done right. Of all improvement, i would say the piano rendering is worth the price of admission period at this modest level and in this system. As always looking forward to the burned in results. I could say the only regret is not ordering one sooner, but the step up in realism with each addition has been all the fun. Thanks guys, Happy “21”, and for those who might ask, yes, switching connections, the HPA-1/LCD-X headphone combo readily confirmed soundstage and resolution improvements even more so than the speakers. Highly enjoyable NYE… Cheers mates.


I received my Stellar P3 about a week and half ago and like others, I am noticing that it is going through a burn in period.
I know we have had some different opinions in the thread about how to achieve the burn in on a new P3, but I would appreciate if a staff person could please clarify what PS Audio recommends we do. Should I simply leave it on, 24/7? Or will periods of shut down time speed up or improve the burn in.

Leave it on 24/7. It doesn’t benefit from an on again off again process but it sure does benefit from being on all the time.


Wow, that was fast!! Thanks very much, Paul!

One other thing Paul, can I ask why the dim switch on the remote doesn’t turn off the large square button on the left?

I ask because I live in a studio apartment and would love to be able to turn off all the lights on my P3 at bedtime and leave it powered on 24/7.


Has anyone here try the online UPS to replace the power plant ?, i have the a backup CyberPower 1200VA online UPS ( double conversion) and intend to give it a try . but not sure it constitudes into the sound quality improvment, the key thing is to prevent the power grid some times goes up and down with serveral volt

A UPS produces exceedingly poor power. I would keep it away from your audio system.

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So just straight out from wall plug still better than behind the UPS ?
i’m thinking to get PP3 but in short of bugdet now

No question. Straight from the wall will be much better than from a UPS. P3 will of course improve upon that.

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Can a kind soul please define UPS?

Uninterruptible power supply, like you see attached to home computers.

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@George_P CyberPower 1100 double conversion ( online UPS with pure sine wave)