Stellar P3 regenerator first impressions *UPDATED *

Rocking a P3 and a P12 in my 2-Chan. Not sure what 2 P3s would be like, but think it would be pretty good. Of course, it would be better to move up unless you already have one in action. My P12 came first, oddly.

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Most of Europe is 400V with 240V out of the breaker box.
Some people use 400V in their garage for bigger engines but 240V 10A or 16A are what we use in houses.

Standard in Europe is 400/230VAC. Before it was 380/220VAC and 415/240VAC depending on which country. The difference is sqr3 approx 1,732.

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Are homes 2 Pole, 3-Wire 400/230V?


Just replace the 120V with 230V and 240V with 400V? The Sqrt (3) would imply a Y- arrangement but I can’t imagine you have 3 Pole services in your homes (assume you get 2 Poles off a Y Transformer). Most US commercial buildings are Y 3-Pole, 4-Wire. Mostly 208/120V and many bigger ones 480/277V (see the image below). However, all residential buildings at the final home owner’s panelboard are 2 Pole arrangements.


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What is a ring circuit?

I assume it means the hot and neutral (not even sure if the idea of a neutral is the same), at the over current protective device (OCPD), are connected twice. The circuit loops back to the OCPD. You could have an open in the circuit (say the middle) and the circuit would still operate. Interesting idea and I would never think of it (I’m fully indoctrinated in what I know). There are fire alarm system circuits that operate on the same theory.

Elk asked for a description of a ‘ring circuit’ as commonly used in the UK. This is a link to wikipedia:

Ring circuit - Wikipedia

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2.5mm twin and earth start at the breaker box go to 13amp wall sockets in-turn then at the last socket the wires return to the breaker box completing the ring!

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We have Y- arrangement in Europe. Normally we have 5-wire arrangement to houses and apartments.
L1, L2, L3, N and PE. We divide loads between the phases. All you stereo equipment should go on the same phase otherwise there is a possibility to get problems.



Uk is different from Europe except for voltage. Only 1 phase in home. Neutral and Earth both tied to ground at power station (might be sub-station as well, not sure)

Thank you for the information on a ring circuit. I had not heard of this. Very interesting method of wiring a home.

Neat to learn something new.

After two weeks to the hour of losing power here in Houston, this morning I reconnected my system to and powered up the two month old SP3. This time connecting the DSD Dac and BHK-Pre to the P3, which i had not done before, along with the 1 month old M1200s in HC where they had been until the Texas Grid fail. Letting the system play all night without listening, I woke up early and Jaochim Eijlander’s “Dark Fire” Partita for solo Cello was playing softly and as I picked up the remote and set the DSD to 92 and the BHK to 40, I realized that perhaps for the first time I may have been listening to the peak performance of this system in this room and to the PS Audio tonality that I was seeking… After all that we have been thru here, and I must say, daunting is putting it mildly, i wept at the beauty of what i was hearing, and just wanted to give credit to where credit is due at PS Audio. Thanks for the music. Cheers


I am in the Houston area as well. The first time I turned on my system after all the power outages last week was rather magical.


I genuinely feel sorry that you all had to put up with power outages for so long. Just losing power overnight is bad. A very good friend moved to Austin a few years ago and I always tease him about the heat and he teases me about the cold. Hopefully its a once in a lifetime occurrence and you consider a backup generator with auto switching ability. It is guaranteed to make your life better even if you never have to use it. Especially if you never have to use it.