Stellar Range Power Regenerator

I recall seeing a photo of the prototype from a show.
What is the ETA on it? I ask because it would be perfectly ideal for my
DS Transport+Dac based headphone system. The P12/15/20 would be
an overkill.


We’re shooting for end of fall.

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Thanks. Look forward to it.

which for people who don’t understand fall means?


I’m having difficulty translating that into southern hemispherical speak…December 2018?

That would translate to October - December 21 - if we’re talking the official fall speak but end of November might be more reasonable.


Oh, sorry, I forget we’re on one side of the Earth and the other has differently times seasons. I wonder who first figured that out? Was it by the stars when early travelers noticed something funny or did it need the advent of wireless communication?

In any case, near the end of 2019.

I’m sorry, Brodic. I thought your question was language rather than southern hemispherical positioning.

Not to bring up an old thread, but I’m assuming you all are referring to this, which I just stumbled upon doing a Google search for PS Audio goodies. I was wondering about if and when this was coming, but it looks like the 4th quarter of 2019.

That’s the Stellar P3 and we should have that launched in March. Getting close now. Already in for CE testing.


Hi Paul, How will the Stellar P3 compare to my older P3 Power Plant - many improvements? My P3 has been running strong for 5+ years. My SGCD/M700 combo draws so little power the P3 power plant easily handles my system’s power draw with a lot of room to spare.

I was wondering, why the P3 was phased out. My guess is, most people need more power, because they have bigger systems? Mine is maxed out at 42 watts, if I have the amp and 2 players (one of them a DMP) switched on. So still lots of headroom… I would be interested in at least one more power plant, because I have three systems in the house.

As always, there are two sides to every coin.

On the one hand, why fix what ain’t broken?

On the other hand, The P12 and P15 sound better than the P5 and P10 and not by a small margin. What we learned from making the P12 and P15 carried over to the new P3. Things like an improved output stage that offers exceptionally low output impedance and a world class sine wave generator.

Plus we managed to make it fanless.

All things considered, the new P3 is an improvement over the old.

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…but it doesn’t have network capability.

That’s something I wouldn’t be concerned with. I just need it to do its job. Plug the system into it, turn it on and enjoy. The simpler the better I say.


I’m excited for this. Looks like it would fit my needs perfectly. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in the same boat. I leave my Stellar stack on all the time, so when I pick up my own P3, I’ll be leaving it on and not worrying about.

Life is good when I can just walk in to my home and immediately start playing music.


The P-10 is a Great sounding and performing regenerator!


I’ll be curious how the new Stellar P3 will compare to a used P10. One difference being that the P10 will allow me to plug the BHK 250 into it, but the P3 will not. So will the newer technology of the P3 improve the SQ of my system more than the sound a P10, which accommodates the amp? Theoretical question I guess at this point.