Stellar Phono Issue

I’ll be contacting PS Audio Monday morning, but since it’s the weekend I thought I’d start here first…

I purchased a stellar phono secondhand (vendor is willing to refund/exchange if PSA doesn’t have a quick fix) and everything was working fine for 3 weeks. This morning I put on a record and the gain is now extremely low. Nothing in my system changed and swapping out to another phono unit makes the issue go away. Has anyone experienced a sudden loss of gain with their unit? Mine is still responsive to changes to gain with the remote, but it’s as if every setting is now -20db from what it was.

Assuming you’ve checked the integrity of your phono cables and preamp outputs to your line stage it’s sounds like something internal. Also confirm you have your settings correct for MC cart type, etc. Finally, if you’re using the variable loading pot on the back make sure that’s not set much lower than intended.
Good luck.

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Yeah that’s what I’m afraid of. Everything I can think of has been checked.

Welcome, @matthewwong !

I am sorry to hear of your issue. I hope it is an easy fix.

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Thanks! Luckily the vendor I purchased from has been easy to deal with so far.