Stellar Phono Whistle?

And I’ve settled on 800 ohm load setting — sounds glorious!

I’m confused here. So you’ve plugged your MC cart into the MM inputs? This is in reference to your earlier statement that you were working your way down from 47k.

No. The MC input impedance is selectable 60, 100, 200, and 47k (“unloaded”). I’m using custom, set to 800 ohms.

If I had a MM cartridge, I would plug into the MM input, where 47K is the default loading (non selectable).

Right - I’m familiar with the unit. Just trying to understand and help. But never mind - I guess I’m taking what you write too literally or something. Perhaps you meant “working my way down from 1k”

I agree — more than enough gain (My cartridge outputs 0.5mV, I use the lowest gain setting). And after listening for a while, I don’t think there’s any benefit sonically to using a SUT with this phono pre