Stellar Strata COAX Conundrum

I have a problem I want to throw out to all the good people of this forum.

I decided to upgrade my streaming capabilities to an Eversolo DMP-A6. I LOVE my Stellar Strata, but there are some limitations, including the ability to stream anything past CD quality due to limitations of the bridge.

Here is my problem: I have the DMP-A6 plugged in via USB and COAX. When I use USB and play a 192kHz track, the Strata dutifully acknowledges the signal in the lower left hand corner: 192kHz. But, when I use COAX, it only shows a 44.1kHz stream.

I am using a Morrow Audio DIG3 COAX cable (all my power and interconnects are from this fine company). The USB is the stock cable from Eversole (I mean to upgrade that, but that is another topic).

I have gone through a few tests:

  1. Check all settings from the DMP-A6 and checked on their forum if I was missing anything. I even forced the A6 to only send a 192kHz stream, but that made no difference. I switched back as I am not looking to upsample the signal from the A6. I am a purist. :slight_smile:

  2. Switched the direction of the cable (thinking that might have something to do with the signal)

  3. Suspecting a faulty cable, bought another COAX from Amazon (a $7.99 model, probably not much to write home about, but was assured it could handle the 192kHz signal).

  4. Powered off the Strata, unplugged, power and all interconnects (I did leave the speaker cables plugged in) for 5 hours.

So, am I missing something? I don’t see any option to have to manually select the resolution stream for COAX? Do I try a full factory reset? I really don’t want to pack up my unit and send it to Boulder for a health check…

Oh and yes…I do hear a difference between even 96 and 192kHz via the USB cable. It is really a leap, I must say.

Thank you for any insight, my audiophile family.

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This sounds familiar.