Strata MK2 with iFi Zen Stream

Hello All.

I got my new Stellar Strata MK2 and I’m loving it.
But I have the following question. I am using an iFi Zen Stream with Coaxial SPDIF output. Strata reports that the bitrate is 16/44 regardless of the iFi’s supposed output. What I mean is that when the iFi plays a high resolution file, the Strata still says it’s CD quality.
This doesn’t happen with the USB output, there things work as expected.

Has anyone had any experience with this configuration? At this point I don’t know if it’s an iFi or a Strata issue.


I have the same problem with Strata MK1 fed by an Eversolo DMP A6.

Doesn’t make any difference which of the two coaxial inputs I use.

I have come to believe it is an issue at the Strata level after my experiences feeding DSD to it via USB.