Stellar streamer?

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Looks great! I recognize the Freya. What amp and Dac are you using. I read through your posts but didn’t the models specifically listed.

Thanks. Running the new Freya +, a pair of Aegir amps in mono (80 watts each), and no DAC yet. Once my Sonus Faber’s sell, I’ll be getting the Bifrost.

Fair enough. We’ve also got a lower cost Stellar phono in the wings so hang in there.


I think especially if one explores the sound of lower powered amps with high efficiency speakers for himself and likes this and maybe only has a smaller room available anyway, a lot of money can be saved compared to the high powered, lower efficiency side of high end.

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That would be cool, if I understand, that’s how PS Audio started, you talked a lot about Op amps in you videos, like with the excellent sound that your team manages to squeeze out of the ESS DAC chip of moderate price range it would be cool if you could pull that off with Op Amps, preferably with RCA and balanced input, to protect the vulnerable low to ultra low voltages generated by the cartridges. Perhaps the price level of the Op-Amp approach would allow such combination.

I saw pictures of Avantgarde horn speakers in one of the threads on this forum and became curious. For me the Avantgarde Zero XD TA 104 dB hybrid horn (high horn + mid horn + 12” active DSP controlled bass) are a very interesting proposition.

That combined with the Stellar integrated, or perhaps tube (OCTAVE V40 SE or V70 SE) integrated or the Schiit hybrid tube amplifier of lower but high end SQ power?

The Stellar Phono Preamp is an absolute steal at $2500!!! I got one of the first production units shipped, and it blew (and keeps blowing) my socks off. Darren is the Viceroy of Vinyl!!

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Generally yes, such combination can be nice. I personally would probably go with a tube preamp, especially at a cheaper price point when combined with high efficiency speakers, as long as in case of an active sub the preamp can handle the output needed. But comparisons are for sure interesting.

In case of the Zero … I heard them at a dealer and was really disappointed. My memory is it’s fully active and fully digital. It sounded very flat in tonality and soundstage. I know much better speakers for half or even 1/4 the price. But it would be interesting to repeat a listen.

There are two versions: ZERO XD 1 and ZERO XD 1 TA for “TeilAktiv” . Indeed, at that price it is important to listen before to buy.

Well, I listened to a Schitt Freya and Vidar system, running Martin Logan 35XT’s and it was really sweet, esp for the price. In my personal opinion, the SGCD had better soundstage and a fuller body. Different strokes for sure, but I could never say that Schitt, while VERY good, “completely stomps” PSA gear. Not even.

Not so. Not even close.

When I swapped out the Stellar gear for the Schiit gear, nothing else in the system was changed or moved in any way. All the cables remained the same and speaker positions stayed the same.

The number one first thing I noticed after firing up the Schiit gear was the vast improvement in sound stage width, depth, height, center image solidity and detailed layering that I never once heard with the Stellar gear.

The difference was clear as day.

So unless you’re just extremely bias towards PSA gear, or you heard the gear in two totally different systems/speakers/rooms, there’s no possible way you could have heard what you say you heard.

Not cool dude.

But “that” is?

The truth hurts sometimes.

Ok, I don’t usually feel like I need to defend my personal preferences and opinions to strangers, but since you want to be confrontational, I’ll retort.

First of all, did you even READ my post? I am appreciative of how well Schiit gear sounds. It was impressive and was on my short list to purchase. I also stated " IN MY PERSONAL OPINION", which I am allowed to have (I think I read that somewhere), that I found the SGCD to have a sonic performance that I liked better. Some people like Schiit, or PSA, or KEF, or Maggies, etc…etc…
This is all HIGHLY subjective to our own personal tastes.
I was merely stating that the differences I heard between the two was not so gigantic to warrant a “completely stomps” tag to the PSA gear. It wasn’t that great to warrant that. If it was to you… great, go in peace.

And to settle your comparison dynamincs worries, I OWN ML 35XT’s and when I was upgrading, the high end shop I go in to in Seattle had them and a fair amount of used Schiit gear. The hooked up the Schiit, I listened, then they hooked up a used SGCD to the Vidar and I listened. I liked the SGCD better, same room, same speakers, hell, even the same amp.
My opinion, my tastes. You are welcome to yours, please respect mine.


You never stated whether or not you heard both sets of gear in the same system/room or not. All you mentioned were the speakers, nothing else. Not a home, not a shop, etc, etc.

Also, system synergy is a big part of it. This also includes the room. For my system, room, speakers, cables, etc, etc, it’s not even a contest. And it’s not “in my head”. All three of my brothers hear the same thing, as well as my girlfriend.

Whether it be the preamp contributing to the improvement, or the amps, or both, I don’t know for sure. I’m leaning more towards the amps alone since right now I’m listening to the system with the tubes turned off. I’m in JFet mode and still getting 95% of that sound stage dynamics I mentioned before.

The Stellar stack was NOT capable of this kind of sound in my system/room.

I’m somewhat curious why you are hanging so closely to this forum?? I think it is great that you’ve found a system that rocks your boat. Looking at your pics, you have tried quite an assortment of audio gear.
If you’ve sold off your PSA gear after finding what you think is better gear perhaps it might be a better approach to enjoy your new found gear and move on. Everyone has different taste and If you find what you think is better gear then why hang out in a forum with owners of gear that you no longer own and tout what you consider to be the advantages of your new found gear.
That is my definition of trolling. So perhaps your best option is to move on…

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Wow, really? Now I’m instantly a troll?

Look, I posted my gear up for sale, people asked what I was getting and to post when I got it. Then asked for my thoughts, and then more questions were asked that I answered.

If that’s your definition of a troll, then you don’t know what a troll is.

You just made that post as a troll yourself, coming into a thread that you were never a part of, attempting to make something out of nothing, and of course have the one person who’s “arguing” with me to like your post.

That my friend is the TRUE definition of a troll.

Perhaps you should be the one to leave.

My vote for a Stellar streamer. The box, the power supply, the wi-fi, the app are all designed. Just (!) need the interface from streamer to dac designed to be synergistic to the Stellar DAC

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Right? It seems simple, but it’s probably not(?). At least Paul is aware of our interest in this.