Stellar M1200 plugged into Perfectwave Power Plant 5

Any advice on plugging Steller M1200 Power Amplifiers into Perfectwave Power Plant 5? Which zone? Settings? Thanks for any help. Cheers.

Welcome, @mldriscoll !

I would plug the amps into Zone D, marked “HC” for High Current.

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Welcome! I agree with Elk. Stuartmc who wrote a review for positive feedback said he used a P12 with great results!


Dec '20

I am writing up the PF review on the M1200 now and want to add my accolade for the P12. As I stated earlier in this thread, I’m buying the M1200 for my long term review system because it is THAT good! I had other “power conditioning” at work for the bulk of my listening sessions, but last month I got the P12 in house. Holy smokes people! I’m pretty well astonished by the improvements the P12 made.

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Thanks for the replies. Is the D zone always on and you place the M1200’s in ‘output disable mode’? This will be the P5 to a DSjr to the M1200’s to biwired B+W Nautilus 803’s. I’m looking forward to getting the M1200’s. Cheers.

I have P12. M700s on zone C, two subs (750w) on zone D, plus others, P12 shows total less than 150w.

Zone D, as other zones, can be programmed to be always on.
Forget to mention, I have programmed zone D to be 20 seconds delay on.

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Hi @Terrence
Do the M700s sound better on C than on D? I could give that a try on my P15 tonight!

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I do not notice any sonic difference on my system. I don’t think HC circuit on zone D will impact the sound, after all, it is the regen power gives good sound.

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I think M1200’s powering B&W N803’s will be extremely pleasing! I used to have the N804’s and I would love to hear them with the M1200’s! The 803’s go deeper with the bass so I’m looking forward to reading about your results!

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You can configure zone D however you want. It regenerates the power just like the other zones. The only difference is if the amps have a large in rush current upon turning on, it won’t throw the P5 into protection mode.