Stem mastering

…just if anyone knows about this more in detail…I don’t really get it…sounds like what I thought is multitrack, just afterwards…

I do - but for God’s sake - don’t start a discussion about it here. In my world it is an everyday aspect of production. PM me. Please don’t start a thread about it here.

It is irrelevant.

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This is a fancy term for what we and almost every mixing engineer does. They are saying they work with each individual track on a multitrack recording. They add EQ, compression, reverb, etc. to maximize each track so that when put together it sings.

That’s what mixing is.

Mastering is only done to the final two-channel master and, as they suggest, there’s only limited things you can do (like EQ etc.) because it affects the entire track as opposed to the elements that make up that two-channel master.

Fancy terms for what everyone does.

Thanks…that’s what it sounded like…either something common and/or harmful.

Remixing is not done very often but sometimes is done to great positive effect. For example, the Steven Wilson remixes of Jethro Tull works has been very well received. I like the remixes much better than the original album mixes.

Other remixes? More often than not I don’t care for them.