The problem with this forum

Too many Dam good ideas for tweaks!!! I am trying to only do one at a time, and they are starting build up at my house. One M1 in P20, great!!!. Then I wanted to add new speaker cables. That I have not yet fully vetted, so the vibration dampening (so many to try) is on hold. And then more fuses. And god knows whats up next from @Vmax


Two things come to mind that may be of benefit, assuming one is focused on a sonic goal:
(1) a plan
(2) discipline.


I looked up the meaning of “discipline”. I don’t like it.


One interpretation is a lack of discipline provides for unpredictable results, or those that veer off unintentionally. Maybe that is where the punishment aspect comes into play.

Totally agree. That’s why they are building up in a queue. I don’t want to do too much at once. I also have the Melco s100 switching coming. Add that to the wait and see list. Lol

Really just kidding. Love the idea sharing on this forum

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I am disciplined and have a plan. I have only revised my upgrade plan five times, just last month alone.


Really interested in hearing of your experience with this kit. It has been on my “maybe next” list for quite some time.


Indeed, and personally for me it comes down to maintaining a proper focus on the music. If I can’t enjoy the music it is more or less a misinformed effort.

You sir are a realist, all plans benefit from adjustment.

I think the most efficient use of all resources is “plan your work and then work your plan”.
Unfortunately I usually end up with “the best plan is dont have a plan”. :rofl:


As some have said, “Hope is not a plan.”

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I thought it was “plan the plan”

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I taught natural resources planning for almost 40 years, and I used to offer my students and clients this seemingly tongue in cheek definition of planning: First you find out what is inevitable, then you find a way to take advantage of it!


“discipline”: Never abandon your stupid, stupid dreams.

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That right there is funny!

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Budget limitations are also meh.

But seriously to the original poster…I’d mentally list what I miss and what I don’t like from the current setup…then find out which tweaks indeed strongly contribute here and there or not. Might be, that you need different changes than you focused.

If there is a problem with this here forum…have no fears…
Big Elk will solve the problem

If it is too complicated then perhaps Ted Smith will step in…

Perhaps jamesh our “whiz kid”

Perhaps even good 'ole Uncle Paul himself…

Best wishes

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There is absolutely no problem with this forum. I found every single piece of advice on tweaking and upgrading to be correct and extremely beneficial. So, go ahead and revise your plan to upgrade as soon as possible. :wink:

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Plan your work; work your plan. Unless/until distracted by shiny object(s).

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