Stereo Insurance (For damage or theft)

Hey guys,

Just curious do you guys use special insurance for your stereo gear just in case there is freak of nature storm damage/flooding or break-in and theft?

Do you guys go as far as providing the insurance company with full sale receipts and or serial numbers?

I have basic home owners insurance(which includes theft) but I’m wondering if that is enough since my gear is not what normal insurance companies would consider “normal prices” for a stereo.

Also, items lose value over the years…do you guys get your stereo gear appraised?

Would love to know your thoughts.


It is merely personal property and insured like most other things in your home (there are specific exceptions to coverage such as firearms, musical instruments, jewelry, etc.)

All you need is documentation to prove the loss. Photos. Receipts. Manuals.


I have asked my insurance agent about this and they answered exactly as Elk described. It is personal property and doesn’t require a separate rider like fine art or jewelry. Just make sure you carry adequate coverage.


I too once talked to my agent about insuring my gear. It is a measure of the understanding of 99% of the population about our hobby that my agent was completely flustered when I attempted to describe what I would be insuring. The concept many people have of a ‘stereo’ is a boombox. I dropped it. I just make sure I read the fine print to ensure there is no exclusion category my rig would fall into.

I don’t have my gear appraised. Not sure how many traditional appraisers would even know how to appraise high end audio.


It might be a problem explaining that a three foot cable replacement cost is in three or four figures

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Not with a receipt. It’s simply pricey personal property.

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No appraisal required. It is just stuff like anything else.

Keep in mind insurers are accustomed to addressing expensive theater systems.

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Stereos don’t require special coverage but they can bump up the value of your cotents and/or total policy coverage. For example if your stystem is worth $40k and you make upgrades to a $70k system, you may need to increase the cotents coverage of your home owner’s or renter’s insurance.


My insurance has maximums for “categories”. The stereo stuff falls under electronics. I cannot remember right now what that max was but I was comfortable with it. If I wanted more coverage I could buy it. This was for general replaceable things. If you’ve got a 50 year old vintage amp that has value but cannot be replaced that’d be a different discussion.

Note, most homeowners policies in the US do not cover floods or earthquakes (hurricanes? tornadoes? never lived somewhere with that risk). If your gear is damaged as a result of one of those things then those separate policies kick-in.

Do you rent? Get a renters policy. They are cheap.

I’m not a lawyer or insurance agent but I did read my policies before I handed over the check.

Yeah, im gonna request another copy of my policy on monday.

If there is a specific limit on electronics im gonna make sure it can cover my entire system or increase coverage.

I’ve become alil more uncomfortable since a friend of mine had a break-in while on vacation.

Absolutely not true. Any specialized very expensive items in your home must be covered separately on your homeowners insurance! From furs to stereo equipment to commercial computer equipment. It all must be covered separately or if there is a loss someone will find out the hard way. Also if one has things of great value I highly recommend only being insured by an A+ rated insurance company. Such as state Farm or Allstate. Trust me, having many things of great value(such as Van Gogh and Picasso originals) I am well aware of this. Of course someone will take the time to call me a liar once again. That is not the point. I am trying to help you people to avoid a loss. Stereos in excess of about $5,000 are absolutely not covered by your regular insurance. If you do not believe me call your insurance agent and name your stereos value.


You may also want to check into replacement coverage if you do not already have it.

Like anything else you get what you pay for. If in doubt, check with you insurance company (not your agent who is a sales person) or your attorney. Each state has different insurance laws and there are 50 of them.

I have ask the question about my stereo qupent, every time I get a new policy, and am told same thing, ‘it’s covered within your contents coverage. Make sure your coverage matches the replacement value of your contents.’

The devil is in the details though. Is there a cap in your policy for a single payout or piece of equipment? Check out this discussion…

I’m sure there are different practices in different countries. It might be worth each person saying where they are. Here in the UK insurers seem to be only really interested in small items of very high value, e.g. jewellery (that’s the correct spelling!!!), watches, coins/stamps, art such as paintings. One area that some policies talk about are ‘collections’ and they used to often put limits on digital media.

I depends on the insurance company. I asked my agent if I needed a special binder for my Hi-End audio gear, and was told it was not necessary. I did however need a special binder for an antique Persian rug.

I did have the misfortune of being burglarized once before in the past, different insurance company, and received replacement cost for all of my gear. I had no specialized binder in place. Also had a CD player that was fried after a power surge that was covered by my homeowners policy. Again no specialized coverage.

What if your policy has a $5000 or $10,000 item cap and your $15k or$25k CD player is stolen or fried? Country, state and value of equipment may be relevant.

I had a fairly expensive preamp get destroyed by storm damage. My insurance company paid the claim immediately; no special coverage. Ask your agent.

I guess you folks are correct. Assuming in the USA, it shall than depend on your insurance company. However as someone pointed out I would not ask your agent but rather the main 800 number. The agent just wants to sell you coverage. Although I would urge an A+ insurance company if you posses things of value. You do not insure a 2020 Ferrari with the General.

You collect Persian rugs as well? Small world. At least mine are not obsolete.

Antique that is. I don’t really collect them, but I do appreciate them. The one I have I inherited from my grandmother.