Spooky Speaker Special Sale

I see on the PS Audio homepage the announcement of a Spooky Speaker Special Sale for the FRs. $5K off the FR30 and $4K off the FR20. Alas when I put in my FR20 order it baulks at shipping telling me they can’t send to my address. Perhaps the Commonwealth of Virginia is a foreign area? Perhaps the order system is a bit off. And there was no answer on the phones. But the month is young and I will continue my habit of leveraging PS Audio sales.


Strange… Are you able to see pricing and everything just fine?

If you could give us a call at 1-800-PSAUDIO we would be happy to get all the details in for you.

I’ll have the webteam take a look

Also, we had some issues with power at the factory today. Our phone system has been rebooting and power is off and on most this morn!

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Interesting how you found this, usually Scott McGowan sends an e-mail. Maybe he forgot to set up an auto-send prior to going to the UK show? With respect to not sending to your address, they’ve been having an issue for a while where the system is not recognizing your location, so it assumes you are outside the US and have to purchase through a dealer. In this case just call them, they will gladly take your money over the phone. I did that with the AirLens.

I did notice that they accept trades at the sale price, but (it’s a big one) the limit is $500 on the FR20 and $2500 on the FR30.

Edit: Aaron replied while I was typing!

Scott’s on a flight back from London! We were out at the Ascot show. We’ll be sending out emails very soon!

Give us a call, We’ll help you out with the trade in :wink:


Got ahold of Chris and all fixed up assuming power issues hold up for accounting. Thanks Aaron!


Lucky accident! I’m in Virginia so it should have worked. But all ordered via phone now.

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