Stereophile had P20 as a finalist in their Accesory Category

The category seemed flawed to me. My definition of a successful product is one that had the greatest impact on your system. The Isoaccoustics GAIA And OREA Isolation feet won the category. I own OREA’s and I have a hard time believing that the P20 has less positive impact on your system.

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I’ve got both. They both made a big difference in SQ. Bang for the buck, GAIA trounces the P20.

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I don’t understand how GAIA can win prices since it’s SOOO expensive compared to when you can buy Sonic Design feets for almost free and they do the same job so if it’s “Bang For the Buck” you’re after buy SD-feets.
I have them under all my stereo-things.

You have to remember though, the GIAA feet don’t really sound their best until they have had 10,000 hours of break-in. Below that many hours they sound flatulent and yellow.


Well, a P20 costs $10,000, Isoacoustic Gaia, cost about $700 for each speaker.
Stereophile obviously does not agree with your opinion of Sonic Design feet.

Wait–10,000 hours? What’s that, about 9 or 10 years? Yes, that sounds about right.
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Malcom Gladwell


I can’t find the article where Stereophile thinks that SD-feets are lousy but here is a positve review of them anyway:

I never said they were lousy!
I know for a fact Isoacoustic GAIA Titan, kick ass! I’ve also got Isoacoustic pucks under all of my components, and, Gaia2 under my subwoofers. The Gaia Titan made an enormous impact on improving the accuracy of my speakers.

I have them as well. I wonder what would happen if I put GAIA feet under my P20?

Probably the same as what happened to me when I put SD-feets under my P15. Scary things.

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According to the Sonic Design’s website, “Unfortunately, at present no shipments can be made to Canada or USA because our product liability insurance does not cover this part of the world.”

Their unavailability in the States would preclude their review in Stereophile.

I do not expect product liability would be a major issue; damping feet cannot be too dangerous.