Speaker Isolation, Iso acoustic Gaia Titan

I recently bought a set of Isoacoustic Gaia Titan Theis speaker footers for my 280lb PBN M2!5 speakers. Paul McGowan let me know they were coming out.
They made a HUGE impact on the size and quality of the soundstage. Sound is tighter and more well defined from 20-20Khz. Biggest bang for the buck EVER. Now I’m getting a set for my pair of subwoofers!


Glad you’re liking the Gaias! I’ve heard nothing but great things about them - really some impressive footers.

Thanks! I really didn’t expect such an improvement. It took about 2 seconds to hear the improvement.

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Just had a look at your speakers Kyle…wow those are some behemoths! Congrats.

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Thanks RsZk! I was running a McIntosh 302 with them before, and they tended to get edgy when running higher Dbs. Got a pair of BHK300s and now that edginess is history. I love them

I have the Gaia II and love them.

I have a set of Gaia III under my mains and sub. They were worth the $ to me.

I’ve got to get some for my subs next.

My Next Purchase will be Gaia Titans Theis. Hopefully I can rest then…

Edit: In fact, I just did…

That-a-boy!! :+1::grimacing:

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Ima givem nine volz.

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I too have a set of GIA IIIs under my subs and I like them.

My Titans arrived today. I was sad that they do not come with carpet cups. Sigh. Then I started listening. Holy Bad Word!! My systems is set to play random music 24/7, when I am done listening I just turn down and walk away, so after installing the Titans I sat down in my chair and turned up. Wow! Of course the first two songs that played were extremely good recordings, but still. I am really liking the perceived change!

I had the same experience

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Are you using the carpet cups with yours? Right now my speakers are sitting on carpet plus carpet pad on concrete.

I haven’t used Iso Acoustic Gaia or Titan, but have used their Aureas. Nice. . . though ultimately I sold them and I find VooDoo Cable IsoPods to suit my system a lot more.

I’ve tried coupling and isolating my speakers in many ways on my carpeted wooden floors. In my main system I now have the speakers sitting directly on PS Audio PowerBases believe it or not. Wow. I really like the sound this way.

My speakers are sitting on a wooden floor. I would think with the weight of your speakers, they work fairly effectively on your carpet. The carpet discs may provide just a hint more isolation.

I just got a set of the GAIA 11’s for my Vandersteen Treo Ct speakers.
It made a significant difference. Much more focused and datailed throughout. Definitely worth the cost to me.

I became aware of the carpet discs on the IsoA website. I got the impression they would be included with the Titans. Turns out, they don’t even exist yet for the Titans. 60 days out. I used the web form to ask questions about this and they never responded. My guy at the Cable Company filled me in. Hmmmmm.

Hey Lon–Thanks to you, I have IsoPods under everything. I just took some from under unused components and tried them between my speakers and hardwood floors and they’re remarkable.
I went back and forth a couple times to minimize the “hear what I expect to hear” phenomenon and they’re going to stay there.
Have you tried them under yours?