Isoacoustics GAIA II or SVS Soundpath feet?

I have the Tekton Double Impact SE speakers weighing 125lbs each. I also have the Isoacoustics Gaia II feet rated up to 120lbs.

Question 1: How detrimental is it that my speakers are over the weight limit? I’ll bet zero… But wondering if any of you have actual experience going over the recommended weight.

Question 2: The SVS Soundpath feet are much “squishier”, but would seem to do the same thing for MUCH cheaper. Can anyone opine if the Isoacoustics are actually better? Anyone convinced the SVS feet work great as feet?

I had Gaia III’s on my Kef’s and I think that they added detail and impact in the mid’s and bass. I had the SVS feet under my former SVS subs and to me they were a cheap tweak. If you have springy floor they may help but in my case on Concrete I’m not sure. I have a set of Gaia I’s for my Wilson’s and they are in the correct weight range. I’ll mount them when I’ve installed new resistors that I have on order, as they’re a pain on carpet with carpet spikes, when the speaker weighs 160 Lbs.

I talked to the designer. I was on the margin and considered exceeding weight. Response follows.

We only sell through our distributors. Our distributors carry all of our stock.

Does your McIntosh Model XR290 have existing threads that would allow the installation of the GAIA-TITAN’s?

Using 6 of the GAIA I would be an option, but going just slightly over the weight limit is not ideal to get the best performance. The performance is already starting to drop off a little before the specified weight limit.

If your speakers have 4 that’s that would allow the installation of the GAIA-Titans, then I suggest that would be your ideal solution.

I recently upgraded to the Townshend Audio Podium for my Legacy Aeris speakers and these things seem to be the real deal, and they are adjustable. They make the music float away from the speaker cabinets and the mids/highs are significantly cleaner than before. I highly suggest them!