Stereophilus' System


Hey guys. Finally got around to photos of my system with the new PMC MB2se’s in place. They are almost too big! The sound is AWESOME.

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Sweet! :-bd


Is it just me? When I click each picture, they are so big I can’t actually see anything.


Same for me I noticed this the other day when opening some other pictures, I think they were sen by stereophilus


Yep. They need to be reduced for export, like you would when emailing a photo. I posted a couple of “big’uns” before I discovered this.


Looks great and I am sure it sounds sweet too.

Al D


Looks Good !


@admin I will reduce the size and re-post soon… Sorry.


I can see the pictures if I scroll back up to the top of the page after opening one of them.


I can see the entire picture if I select ‘open in new tab’ otherwise I only get the top left corner of the picture. This has been true for some time and I am accustomed to it, but it is a bit of a nuisance.

Nice looking system. How do the new speakers sound?



Thanks J.P. I’m very happy with their sound. They really disappear, which is hard to imagine with their size. The bass is really extended and tight with the transmission line and 12" bass unit. The highs are more “recessed” than my previous ceramic tweeter based speakers. This seems to give depth to the soundstage more easily. But the real star is the midrange 3" unit. It is made in house by PMC and has a 12kg magnet assembly alone. It handles most of the vocal range (380Hz to 3.8kHz) and it just sounds right. If I have a criticism, it is in the cosmetics - they are big, boxy looking “old school” speakers.


Photos have been edited. Now much smaller.


@stereophilus Big Tubes = nice warm house!

What is that very cool stand the ARC is sitting on?

I live in the South so I compromise on heat generation by using a tube pre Conrad-Johnson ACT2 & 4 x SS McIntosh MC-501 for vertical bi-amp. The Macs are quite tube-like for solid state.


@birddogthecat yes tube amps are a compromise. Living in Australia means warming the house isn’t so much of a priority. Coming into Summer here now, means some days I won’t use the system as much. I like the sound of Macs as well. The KT-120 tubes in the ref 150 sold me on it though.

The rack is SolidTech “rack of silence”.


@Stereophilus Got to Google those stands right away.

Have you read “The Light Between Two Oceans”? Just finished it…I was moved to the point being visibly upset. Setting is a lighthouse 100 miles off the Perth. Patricia lived in Australia for 10 years and returned to Wilmington 6 years ago via sailboat. She is a very salty lass indeed!


@stereophilus Found the USA distributor for SolidTech. I like the carbon fiber inserts. Got to get Bob to call and get me a deal.

So, the equipment sits on those points and not on shelves?



Have a look here:

The equipment support feet come with the rack (4 for each shelf) and are made of extruded aluminium/aluminum and cork. In addition you can specify a floating suspension shelf which can be “tuned” by adding or removing springs.

I’ve never read that book. I will have to find it. We Australians love the sea. It is in our blood.


Now I don’t even see the photos at all! I am looking forward to seeing them. What am I missing?


@stereophilus: nothing wrong with old school, as long as the better half approves! They kinda have that Shelby Cobra thing going on. :slight_smile:

Now I don't even see the photos at all! I am looking forward to seeing them. What am I missing?

They are definitely on the page ok, maybe try log out / log in. And dont get your expectations too high... It's just my humble home system. Nothing like what I've seen of music room 1!

@wglenn she nearly had a heart attack when the PMCs replaced my previously quite slim 2.5 way speakers... She is getting used to them slowly.